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GHR Platinum Women's Image


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How To Maximize Your Benefits As You Use GHR Platinum For WOMEN

GHR Platinum Women

There are NO synthetic hormones, no side effects and Doctor formulated with clinically proven ingredients to help men increase your body's own youth hormone, commonly known as HGH.

America's ONLY natural and organic Human Growth Hormone Releaser specifically designed just for WOMENTM.

No synthetic hormones, no side effects and Doctor formulated with clinically proven ingredients to help men increase the masculine body's own youth hormone known as HGH.

Start Today.

To maximize the Advanced GHR Formula long-term benefits and effectiveness, take GHR Platinum for five days in a row, take two days off, and repeat.

Please read the instructions on your bottle.

It is recommended to take the product at bedtime, on an empty stomach, and at least 3 hours after your last meal.

You can also take the product one half to one hour before vigorous exercise, also on an empty stomach.

It is during sleep and rigorous exercise that your pituitary gland is most active.

If on occasion you eat late and you don't exercise, take the product in the morning when when you awake and refrain from eating for at least one hour afterwards.

Other tips for success.

Choose Friday and Saturday nights as your two days off.

This interferes less with weekend plans or the tendency to eat late on those nights.

If you receive your product on a Wednesday then simply start right away and then skip Friday and Saturday nights.

Keep GHR Platinum by your night stand. This will help to remind you to take the product at bedtime.

A quick note on lifestyle.

Not to be overlooked is lifestyle. The more natural and unprocessed foods you eat, the better the results of the program will be.

Refined, processed foods and negative living habits, such as the intake of sugar, alcohol, and smoking can inhibit the release of growth hormone.

These are the steps that we recommend that will maximize your results.

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